Saturday, April 27, 2013

Novus Ordo Seclorum

"And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled only to those who are perishing. In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the likeness of God." (2 Corinthians 4:3-4)

I've heard it said by many a Christian, "Satan is tempting me." I'm afraid this is almost assuredly false. Lucifer is one being, and unlike the Lord, he is not omnipresent. I hate to break it to you, but it is very probable that Satan has bigger fish to fry than you. This week in a discussion on Revelation, one of my professors aptly stated: "Satan saves himself for the Hitlers of the world." Satan is not on the same level as God - he requires a lot of help, and he gets it.

That being said, the work of the Evil One is still effecting you and I. His demons are great in number and they roam the Earth restlessly, deceiving and spreading lies.

So where is Satan?

We already know that he is not omnipresent, so who is he revealing himself to? His goal is to deceive as many people as he can (and he delegates this great task to the demons), but it's still not enough. He uses the help of humans as well. Just as God uses the Church to spread the truth, Satan uses the deceived to spread lies. I believe that his targets are those with power. If he can get ahold of the leaders of this world, his work will be done for him. In scripture we see that Satan presents himself as an "angel of light" (read 2 Corinthians 11:14). I don't believe this is at an individual level, but rather on a greater, more universal one. He entices those who have influence and then those people deceive the remainder of the populous.

I have freely expressed my distain for the government in previous articles. It is not simply one out of rebellion or "sticking it to the man", but ultimately it boils down to spiritual issues.

We (referring to the people of the Earth, not just Americans), are all governed. We all live under some government with laws and people in charge. It's not necessarily such a bad concept in and of itself, but it seems to inevitably lead to corruption. Mankind is simply too selfish to be trusted with power. Certain individuals rise to the top of their respective governments and gain the respect of their people. They are given various powers and responsibilities which earn them a much desired Earthly wealth/status. I believe that these are the people that Satan focuses his efforts on. 

Am I saying that Satan is found in the government? Yes.

Let's take a look at the American government.

I have heard it proclaimed for eons that we are a "Christian nation", one founded in Godly principles. While I do believe that the very origin of this nation was one of Godliness, I also believe that the rapid growth of our government was an invitation for Satan and a dismissal of God.

Look at some of the founders of this nation: George Washington, James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson... all of them Freemasons. Do I know a ton about Freemasons? No. But I doubt you do either, because it is a secret society with an exclusive inner circle. The higher the status the more secrets there are - that is how these societies work. They have also been known to have Pagan rituals woven into their ceremonies. Some of the great founders of America were men involved in a ritualistic, pagan, and secretive organization. That doesn't sit well with me.

Today, the secret societies are as strong as ever and greater in number. Men such as George Bush (Jr. and Sr.), Ronald Reagan, John Kerry, and Clint Eastwood are/were members of the Bohemian Club - a very exclusive Luciferian secret society. The very esteemed members meet at the Bohemian Grove in California and perform pagan rituals (including worshipping a statue of an Owl while wearing red hooded robes). 

It sounds ridiculous, right? Presidents and famous film directors meeting in the woods to worship an Owl? It is ridiculous. Here is some footage, take it or leave it. 

If you can't buy into everything about the ceremonies I understand, it's a little weird. But let's take a look at something more obvious. The other day, a friend of mine showed me a dollar bill and pointed out the strange symbol on the left side.

Have you ever wondered why there is a pyramid with an eye on your $1 bill? It's seems a bit strange, doesn't it? Yet it goes largely ignored and few people bother to question it.

The Pyramid was added in 1935 by Franklin D. Roosevelt (also a Freemason). The Eye on the top of the pyramid represents the "all-seeing eye" (a symbol of the "Great Architect of the Universe"). This "god" is one that is very generic in nature and is worshipped by those in the inner circle of the Freemasons. The writing underneath reads: "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (Latin for "New World Order").

I find this phrase interesting. It indicates a change or revolution in the workings of the world - and it just so happened that soon after this addition to the $1 bill, World War II began. During this time, Roosevelt captured the hearts of the people with his "New Deal" - promising the citizens a "chicken in every pot". This New Deal actually turned out to be the impetus of socialism in this country, creating a mindset of government dependency among the people. The tactic worked. FDR was elected President 4 times in a row.

One of the most surprisingly corrupt Presidents is one from my childhood - George W. Bush. He is lauded by many Christians for his conservative approach and seemingly Godly worldview, but he too is not what he appears. He is a member of the Bohemian Club and Skull & Bones Club (another pagan society). He started the current war (conflict really, since it isn't a declared war) and nearly doubled the American military presence worldwide. 

Is this the sort of compromise that is displayed by "good" men?

Based on these observations, I see a government that is ultimately submitting itself to Satan and the things of this world. The leaders of this country and of this world are men who avoid transparency and abide in secrets. They perform rituals and deceive the people. Previously, I referenced the scripture about Satan appearing as an "angel of light" - I believe that this is the angel of light. The charades and facades put on by leaders, making the people think that everything is as it should be. The government pitting us against each other with Republican vs. Democrat debates and petty arguments. Is there really that big of a difference between these men? 

The little things that we argue about are a distraction from the truth. Isn't that one of Satan's greatest tactics? Causing strife within the Church and getting us to fight about the insignificant while he sweeps away his prey. We are constantly taking the bait - latching on to the latest news story or scandal, while we remain blind to the corruption and fraud happening in the background.

Friends, I urge you - put your red and blue ties away, wake up, and take a look around you. The true conflict is not within the political parties or between the government officials - it is between us and the true Evil of this world. Defending one side of the government against the other is of no use - the true leaders of this nation are of one mind. Cast aside your allegiance to political agendas and use the precious time you have on this Earth to spread the truth. 

Satan is smarter than you think - do not be deceived.

Friday, April 19, 2013

We Are Not God's Country

Growing up as a middle-class American Christian, I was bombarded with religious-political propaganda. It was a common belief that our government was justified in it's decisions and actions because we were a nation founded on Christian principles. I lived under the idea that voting for a conservative candidate in an election was the "Christ-like" thing to do and that the Republicans were the protectors of all things true and noble in the United States. I thought the government was the solution to any injustice, and that they were eagerly listening to all concerns of the people. This was my first impression of politics - it seemed good enough.

Then 9/11 happened - an event that has come to shape the lives of an entire generation. We became a nation that lived in fear. I'm not talking about our military or our government - I'm talking about you and me. This event, as tragic as it was, invited the government into so many aspects of our lives, and that ultimately made me more afraid than the attacks. From then on I was told to fear "terrorism" (what a generic thing for a child to be afraid of, right?), and that the government was taking care of the situation. For the first few years of the war, I joined right in with the collective mindset that we were fighting for a just cause - I didn't see a big issue. But it only took time for the questions to arise.

Here we are - 12 years have gone by. What are we doing?

 I've learned about all the American Wars, and each of them (excluding post WWII conflicts), have had a clear objective. War was declared through congress by our nation on another and there was a clear winner and loser. We fought the war with everything we had and when it was over, it was over and we went home. These were in the days of muskets and cannons - look what we have now. With all the weaponry and advancements that our military has, we could end a war with a decent sized nuclear bomb. Look how that ended WWII! 

So if we have the ability to end the war, why haven't we? Likely because we have not declared war on a country or government, but rather on a concept - "terrorism". We started this war in retaliation to the events of 9/11, but the individuals who were proclaimed to be orchestrating the attacks are now long dead. So the fact that we are still in the Middle East makes me believe there is more that we are not being told. Am I really supposed to believe that this war is still about 9/11? The war has escalated well beyond it's original bounds. We are now performing drone strikes on innocent civilians and shamelessly killing without justifiable reasons for doing so.

Lets back up a second. Why do acts of terrorism occur in the first place? Why does the United States seem to have a target on its back? Just take a look at our track record.

In 2001, The United States had 730 Military Bases in over 50 countries. Today, we have closer to 900 Bases in 156 countries (out of 196 in the world!).

Just think about that. We have a presence in 156 countries. Do you think all of them want us there? I know the Middle Eastern countries don't. Maybe if we weren't over there, they would leave us alone. I am believing more and more that the United States is the world bully, not the greatest nation on earth. Can you imagine what the reaction would be if another country set up a military base on our soil? The golden rule applies on all levels of humanity - not just in our individual living but also on an international level. We cannot expect to simply invite ourselves into other people's land and have everyone be our friend. It doesn't work like that.

So to the Christian I ask, does this look like a godly nation? Before we blindly support our government and pledge allegiance to its principles - take a moment to think. We are a fallen country in a fallen world - it is inevitable. Our government is not the squeaky-clean organization that we wish it was. Yes, we were founded on godly principles - but that has not remained. 

We are quick to say that America needs to reform when we discuss things such as homosexuality and marijuana, but we turn a blind eye to the bloodshed and terrorism that has come to pass at the hand of our country.

So no, I don't think that the United States is God's land. In fact, we look a lot more like Babylon or Rome than we do the Israelites (who are actually God's people). Sure, He loves us all the same, but we are not somehow above the rest of the world. So Americans - humble yourselves. We are not what we think we are.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Hard Topics

Hello, friends! I will utilize this first post to introduce myself as well as the purpose of this blog.

My name Is Brandon Davis. I am an 18 year old music minister and Bible college student. I come from the underrated historical city of Hampton, Virginia (I also reside in Elizabeth City, North Carolina when I am at school). Despite my conservative-looking description, I am not a traditional Christian. I'm not a Republican (or a believer in the two-party system to begin with), I don't use the Bible in debates with atheists/agnostics, nor do I base my beliefs on social norms or church tradition, but rather on the examples set in the New Testament by Jesus Christ.

I don't like the government - mostly because they are involved in everything these days - things that the church and individuals should be handling (more on the government later, there is simply too much for one post).

I also love music. I lead worship at HarborPointe Community Church in Hampton (as of February 2013). In June 2012, I began a music solo project (that I am slowly trying to morph into a band) called The Circadian Complex (you can see the FB page here: ). I may post my thoughts about various musical topics from time to time.

Now for some opening remarks:

Ultimately, my hope is that these writings will cause you, the reader, to think. I want you to think about your life, your surroundings, your beliefs - the ideas you have grown up with and never questioned. It seems simple enough, but the number of thinkers in this world are diminishing quickly. It seems that each generation yields a more apathetic, complacent, and unmotivated people than the last. I firmly believe that as a result of this collective satisfaction with the status quo, we are reaching towards our demise. My desire is for this change.

Just look at my generation for a moment:

I was born in 1994 (Generation Y). I am part of one of the worst generations yet - one shaped by technological communication, entertainment, and war. That's right, war - people my age and younger have never seen what a country at peace looks like. War has especially effected the lives of children like me who grew up in a place like Hampton Roads (one of America's largest military metropolitan areas). I know it's not popular to talk negatively about the "War On Terror" - but it is changing lives, and not for the better. It's time we talk about that and not do the American brush off of simply saying "support our troops" and not looking at the big picture.
Technology is a huge factor as well. Look at how it is changing relationships: When my grandfather asked out my grandmother, he had to muster up the courage to go up and talk to her face to face and ask her on a date. My father waited nervously for two weeks before he called up my mother and asked her out. Me? I get to hide behind Facebook and text messaging. I had the advantage of feeling out the situation first and slowly easing into asking my girlfriend out. Is this better? I think not. This is the kind of interaction that has taken center stage in the world of communication.

I know I'm jumping around from topic to topic, but consider this the preview. These are the sort of things I will be addressing on this website. These are the little things that shape our lives. It seems insignificant, but it's time for us to talk about this. My goal for this blog is to lift up the rug under which we are sweeping the hard topics.

I am young and don't claim to know everything, but if there is one thing I am good at, it's thinking. So I invite you to think with me - share your ideas and thoughts. My ideas are not usually conventional, orthodox, or generally accepted by the masses, but that's okay.

So join me in taking a step outside the box - let's talk about the hard stuff.